Doggy Daycare:

The doggy daycare is open Monday-Saturday, 7am-8pm & sundays 9am-5pm, no appointment for already registered dogs and parents.

To join our Club we do require a scheduled, free 5 hour Temperament Trial, to be done with the Club owner, Ryan Whittington. We do not discriminate based on breed, any dog is welcome as long as they are sociable with both people and dogs.

We do require all dogs be up to date on vaccinations, ALL vaccinations must be given by a licensed VETERINARIAN. the vaccinations required are;

  • Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine) every 6 months

  • DHLPP (Distemper 6-in-1) yearly

  • Rabies (done either yearly or 3 years based on vet)

Dogs must be old enough to have completed their puppy shots (typically 4 months). We do require dogs to be spayed/neutered if they are older than 5 months old.

Daycare Pricing: (not including tax)

  • Half day (6 hours or less) - $14.00

  • Full day (more than 6 hours) - $23.00

  • 5 day pre-paid package - $110.00

  • 10 day pre-paid package - $210.00

  • 20 day pre-paid package - $410.00

  • 30 Day pre-paid package - $610.00

  • 40 day pre-paid package - $820.00

Big Dog Daycare

Small dog daycare: